Welcome To My ePortfolio!

The work presented in this ePortfolio is submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the @One Online Teaching Certificate. My ePortfolio is organized around the nine @ONE Standards for Quality Online Teaching.  The artifacts presented here were refined through my course work in the @One Online Teaching Certificate program, and my experiences teaching online sections of California History at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA.  

As my ePortfolio will demonstrate, I approach my teaching and research endeavoring to be inclusive, and to make connections across the discipline of history. My research informs my teaching, sharpening my ability to identify original and imaginative questions, to locate supporting evidence, and to articulate persuasive arguments. In the course of my studies, I find that with every historical phenomena I investigate, I uncover as much about myself as I do the people and events I study. When I can help to forge connections between the events and personalities of the past with the everyday lives of my students in the present, I see a consciousness awaken in them. My history courses are primary source driven. While it is a delicate task to ensure fairness in presentation of critical historical ideas, events, and personalities, I do my best to allow my students to make critical interpretation through directed analyses of primary sources lead by me. Thus, my students are able to read and hear differing opinions, but are allowed to come to their own conclusions by interrogating the primary sources themselves.  When these connections are made, my students see history not as just names, dates, and events, but rather they come to see history as interpretive. 

Photo of Ralph de Unamuno


Ralph S. de Unamuno is an adjunct/associate instructor in Chicana/o Studies, Native American Studies, U.S. History, and California History at Ohlone College in Fremont and West Valley College in Saratoga, CA.  Ralph is a native of Fremont, California, and is a graduate of Irvington High School.

Ralph entered Ohlone College upon graduating from high school and credits the supportive professors, counselors, and warm learning environment at Ohlone as major factors in his academic success. In addition, programs like the Transfer Incentive Program (TIP) and student organizations like MEChA, helped him to build a strong peer support network and to realize his academic goals.

In 1998, Ralph received his Associates of Art in Social Science from Ohlone College and transferred to UCLA. In 2000, Ralph received his Bachelor of Arts in both History and Chicana/o Studies, becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college.

Ralph continued his education at UCLA and entered a Masters of Arts program in American Indian Studies with an emphasis in History and Federal Indian Law.

Ralph’s thesis is titled “Fight for the Line: The Struggle for Pass and Repass Along the U.S.-Mexico Border,” and focuses on border issues, immigration, and Native Nation sovereignty in the Southwest. In his spare time Ralph enjoys hiking, reading, beer making, and spending time with friends and family.