Ralph A. Winter

Canada Research Chair in 

Business Economics and Public Policy 
Sauder School of Business 
University of British Columbia  

ralph.winter [at] sauder.ubc.ca

2053 Main Mall
Vancouver, Canada
V6T 1Z2

office: (604) 822-8339
cell: (604) 761-6510

Curriculum Vitae

Other Positions:

President, Canadian Economics Association, 2008-2009       
President, Canadian Law and Economics Association, 2004-2006       
Director, B.C. Transmission Corporation, 2003-2010       
Director, Wurldtech Security Technologies, www.wurldtech.com, 2006 –      
Professor, University of Toronto, 1979-2002
Visiting Professor, University of Geneva, 2002      
Visiting Scholar, C.R.E.S.T., Paris
, 1995-696      
National Fellow, Hoover Institution, 1986-87      
Olin Fellow, Yale Law School, 1988


          Commerce 691 (Applied Contract Theory): Course Outline

          Commerce 693 (Research Methodology):   Course Outline

Director, Ph.D. Program, Sauder School of Business

Editorial Boards:

            Associate Editor, RAND Journal of Economics

            International Editorial Board, Assurances

            Advisory Board: Canadian Law Abstracting Journal, SSRN

Forthcoming Papers: 

Papers currently submitted or in preparation: 

Collusion on Exclusion,” with Edward Iacobucci, 2011; current version: October 12, 2012; resubmission invited by the International Journal of Industrial Organization

"Vertical Restraints in Two-sided Markets: Credit Card Merchant Rules", in preparation.


Selected Journal Publications: 

Krishnan, H., and Winter, R.A. (2011), "The Economic Foundations of Supply Chain Contracting," published as single volume in  Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management

Vol. 5, Nos. 3–4 (2011) 147–309

.Krishnan, H., and Winter, R.A. (2010), On the Role of Revenue-Sharing Contracts in Supply Chains,” Operations Research Letters, January.

Iacobucci, E., Winter, R.A., (2010) “Abuse of Joint Dominance in Canadian Competition Policy,”  University of Toronto Law Journal, 2010


Krishnan, H., and Winter, R.A. (2010), “Inventory Dynamics and Supply Chain Coordination,” Management Science Vol. 56, No. 1, January, pp. 141-147.


Winter, R.A. (2009), "Antitrust Restrictions on Single-Firm Strategies,"  Presidential Address to the Canadian Economic Association, Canadian Journal of Economics, November.


Buettner, T., Coscelli, A., Verge, T., Winter, R.A.  (2009) An Economic Analysis of the Use of Selective Distribution by Luxury Goods Suppliers. European Competition Journal

and Reply


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Selected Other Publications



Winter, R.A. (2009) "Price Matching and Meeting Competition Clauses", Wayne Dale Collins, ed., American Bar Association Volume: Issues in Competition Law and Policy, 45 pages.


Winter, R.A. . (2009). Entry Deterrence via Contracts,. Industrial Organization, Trade, and Social Interaction: Essays in Honour of B. Curtis Eaton. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.


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The Politics and Economics of Regulatory Reform: 290-319.



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                        The Law and Economics of Canadian Competition Policy, with Michael Trebilcock, Paul Collins  and Edward Iacobucci, University of Toronto Press, 2002 (804 pages) 

                        (winner, 2003 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize for outstanding contribution to Canadian economic policy)



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