About me

I currently live in Staffordshire. I have written two crime novels, Hidden Identity, which was published in 2010, and 'The Loving Son' which is likely to be available later this year.
I started writing short stories over 20 years ago and began to think about writing a novel. I had a career as an academic which resulted in my working in Ireland, the USA, and Australia as well as Glasgow and Staffordshire. I have found it useful to be able to draw on my experiences in these countries. 'Hidden Identity' is set in Australia and the USA - with passing refence to the UK. 'The Loving Son' is set principally in the USA although it also contains some reference to the UK.  
I still enjoy writing short stories although the crime novel will continue to be my main focus.
Is writing hard work?
It certainly is! It can also be  But its also incredibly rewarding, very time consuming