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Version 3.0

Updates to work with iOS 8 added.

New stuff

Two timers added.

Functions can be set in settings


Each timer/clock can be set to run in seconds or cents.

Z-Aux zeros lower counter

GPS/0 starts GPS and zeros both counters.

Each timer/clock can be set to read in seconds or cents.

Timer functions

  • Timers are self resetting interval timers.
  • Clear set;s them both to 0.00 and stops them.
  • T1 wait delays the start of timer 1 until the top of the minute.
  • Stop and start stops current timer and starts other timer at 0.00
  • Pause and start stops timer 1 and stars timer2. Pressing pause again starts timer 1 where it left off.Useful for pauses

Version 2.0 has been submitted by not approved.

Upper counter is for main mileage.

Lower counter is for auxiliary and interval mileage.

Plus (+) buttons increment mileage by 1, .1, and .01

Minus (-) buttons decrement mileage by 1, .1 and .01. The minimum value is zero.

Version 2

 the +/- buttons have been replaced by 1, .1, and ,01 buttons. They only adjust the upper counter. The gray one add mileage, the green ones subtract mileage.

Start button starts GPS monitoring. When started the text is green.

Stop button stops GPS monitoring.

Zero sets mileage to zero.

Version 2.0

Stop button removed.

Start replaced by "GPS" button. Pressing it starts the GPS and zeros the counter. To stop the GPS, press and drag the GPS button.

Reset Trip sets the trip meter to zero. 

Split OM displays mileage when button was pressed and also resets trip.

Version 2.0

There are now "0" buttons to reset each counter.

Factor field when pressed brings up a numeric entry field to edit the factor.

Set Factor sets the factor to the value in the factor field and closes numeric entry.

<< set direction of mileage for decrement. When active the << are red.

>> restores direction to forward.

Version 2.0

The <<>> buttons have been replaced by + and - buttons. These set the direction of the top counter. The reverse direction (-) button is activated by pressing and dragging.

GPS Accuracy displays a count of how many GPS readings since last zero or start. Also displays the horizontal accuracy of the new and old GPS readings.

Version 2.0 


New in Version 2.0

An adjustable clock has been added. The stepper changes the display time in 0.1 second intervals. The stepper and offset can be hidden so you don't press them by accident.


In the iOS  settings are you can choose to display the clock, measure in KM or time in cents (.01 minute)

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Version 3.0


Version 2.0
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