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"Rallye for A Cure"

Rallye Sponsors


Thank You to all who participated, sponsored, and helped us with the 2014 "Rallye for a Cure!"

Together we raised $11,500 to support the JDRF!

The “Rallye for a Cure” is a grassroots organization created to empower people to take action in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes by using their classic cars to spark awareness.

        Jaguar Hartford Sponsors 2015 "Rallye for a Cure"      

Our friends at Jaguar Hartford will be our sponsor for the "Rallye for a Cure" again this year! The Rallye will begin at Jaguar Hartford (133 Leibert Road, Hartford, CT) where we will enjoy a complimentary breakfast and auction. Thank you for your continued support!

 2014 "Rallye for a Cure" Registered Teams
 Diver/ Navigator  Team Name/Car    Diver/ Navigator   Team Name/Car
 Jim Foote -D
Lauren - N
 MB -Red SLK
2008 SLK 350
  Jon Day - D
Beth - N
1977 MGB
David Fallon - D
Donna Hunt - N  
 Celtic Wanderers 
1980 Triumph TR-7
  Robert Prescott-Walker-D Christina -N  3 Jags Prescott 1966 Jaguar S-Type
Linda Wright - D
Jack Wright - N
 Abingdon Jack
1960 MGA
  Schuyler Thomson - D
Heather Thomson - N
1967 Jaguar E-Type
Leonard Bach - D
Carolyn Bach - N
AHCA-New England 
1965 Austin Healey BJ8
  Shirley Vesel - D
Michael Vesel - N
 Too Lost Souls
2011 Mercedes 
Bennett Shuldman D
Greg Harlow -N
Green Eyed Lady 
2003 Morgan +8, 35th Anniversary Edition
  Kevin Murphy -D
Diane Wells-Murphy N    
1974 Alfa Romeo
Jud Perkins - D
Pat Duncan - N    
 Perks 3000
1965 Austin Healey BJ8
  Srianee Dias - D
Srima Nissanka - N
Two Shrees
2014 Fiat 500
Larry Lebfevre - D
Karen Corbin -N
2014 Mazda Miata
  Doug Simpson - D
Donna Simpson - N
1988 Mercedes Benz 
Albert Nosenzo -D
Cheryl Nosenzo -N
 The Middletown Maniacs 
1957 MGA
  Mike Giles - D
Marsha Lewis - N    
 Fiat Frenzy
2014 Fiat
James Wiebe - D 
Christine Wiebe - N 
1959 MGA
  Robert Nason -D
Josie Nason - N
 TVR Folks
1985 TVR 280i
Bob Christensen -D
Linda Christensen: N
 The Travelers
2008 Mustang
  Gerry Duff - D
Brian O'Keefe - N
 Dazed and Confused
1966 Jaguar E-Type
Ed Cooke - D
Ethan Cooke - N
1972 MGB
 John DeWaele - D
Lauren - N
1967 Morgan Plus 4
John Reynolds - D
Simone Reynolds -N
 Fiat Club America
1981 Fiat Spider
  David Blackwell - D
Susan Savochka - N
 B&D Racing
2009 Mini Cooper
Carl Carvell - D
Amy - N
AHC of New England
1967 Austin Healey
3000 MK III
  Matthew Scott - D
Julianne Scott - N    
The Scotts 
1967 LeMans
Bob Thompson - D
Judy Thompson - N
1959 Triumph
  Elaine Smith - D
Jim Smith - N
The Smiths
Austin Healey
Sue MacDuff -D
Bill MacDuff -N
1970 MGB GT
  Paul Frickenhaus -D
Kayla Hushin -N 
1997 BMW Z3
Sam Polito -D
Al Chicote -N
1974 MGB
  Chuck Dortenzio -D
Charleen -N
 C&C Motorsports
1979 MGB
Joe Novack - D
Dot Novack - N
1971 MGB
  Amy Garvin -D
Gary Garvin -N
 The Garvins
2005 Toyota Corolla
Patrick McPherson-D
Judy Townsend -N
 Lost Cowboys
2011 Corvette
  Dan Donovan - D
Debbie Donovan - N
1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 
Steven Arduini -D 
Kathryn Daddario-N 
Toto Brady 
2013 Kia Sonato
  Kenneth Mull - D
Nancy Mull - N
 The Mulls
1963 Morgan +4
Dennis Broughel - D
Alanna Toomajian-N
Lightning McHealey 1957 Austin Healey 100-6
Jonathan Over - D
Daniel Over - N
Team Yobbo 
2014 Mercedes Benz 
C63 AMG Coupe
Alex Over - D
Yvonne Over - N
 Chelsea Tractor
2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Timothy Over - D
Brendan Monaghan - N
Team Road Runner 
2010 Mercedes Benz 
Mike Bruno - D
Alexis Bruno - N
 Band on the Run
2007 Mazda Miata

Andy Bardon - D
Andy Bardon - N
 The Sausage Boys
1974 Triumph TR6
Michael LaPierre - D
Cheryl LaPierre - N
 GM Icon
1976 Chevrolet Corvette

Joseph Pikula - D
Kristen Pikula - N
Rallying for Charlotte
1999 Prosche Boxster
Phillip Hall - D
Pam Hall - N
Winnie B
1975 MGB

Roger Carlson - D
Karen Carlson - N
Touring 2000
1959 Alfa Romeo
Susan Rathgeber -D
John Ratgeber -N
1981 Fiat Spider

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