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            beyond taste lies my target 

`Dutch visual artist Ralf Kwaaknijd creates controversial art at the cutting edge of postpostmodernism. From his independent position as art critic he manages to menace friend and foe alike. Other than many contemporaries, his both under-your-skin and in-your-face imagery is not only and primarily an artistic statement, but also a deep and sometimes bitter engagement for a better world. Small wonder that the American art establishment knows not whether to laud and applaud, or cry fraud-from-abroad.' 

--Anka Drijfkwal, editor of Close Brush



 Mondrianification of train window

 Ralf Kwaaknijd, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 133 cm, 2008


Welcome to the art site of art critic and visual artist Ralf Kwaaknijd. What you see is what you probably don't get, but neither do most art experts.

Modern art is a game and leaves you in the lurch as to its intentions, skill, value, etcetera. Enjoy the lurch. Don't buy anything you wouldn't want to burn, since you might well end up doing just that.



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