Meet Your Ruritan Club

Ruritan is a national organization dedicated to improving communities and build-ing a better America through Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service.

Ruritan is a community service organization with the purpose ofcreating a better understanding among people and, through volunteer community service, make their area a better place to live and work. The slogan of Ruritan is Fellowship, Goodwill, and Community Service. Club membership represents a cross section of the community that the club serves and is available to persons interested in their community.

Unlike most community service organizations, Ruritan rarely has national programs. Rather, each club surveys the needs of its own community and then works to meet some of those needs. Nearly all clubs work locally with youth organizations such as FFA, 4-H and Scouting. Many clubs provide and supervise community recreational centers, sponsor little league and other athletic programs, sponsor anti-litter campaigns, help the sick, the needy, and provide a wide range of other activities to help improve their communities.

The Community Service Committees are standing committees in all Ruritan Clubs across the Nation. Our success will be determined by our determination, dedication, and persistence to serve our community.

How are McCullers Ruritan club activities funded?
Club activities are funded by membership dues and two barbecues.
Each year the club prepares two barbecue dinners that are the main fund raising events to cover club facility expenses and community support activities. These events are held on the last Friday in March and September. The club building is rented for community events and church services to raise funds as well provide a service to the community. Membership dues are paid by each member to cover Ruritan National dues and monthly meeting dinners.

What type of community activities are supported by the McCullers Ruritan?
In a typical year, the McCullers Ruritan Club again hosts two pork BBQ fundraisers: one in March and September. Profits allow the Ruritan Club to support endeavors in the community. We provide at least 2 scholarships for a local college student. Some notables for use of our fund-raising; Wake County Sheriff’s Expansion of K-9 dog patrol and drug team. Our facility was also used by a local church in the community and we upgraded our ball fields for local youth organized baseball teams wishing practice using our fields off Fanny Brown Rd. Donations made to Hospice Of Wake County, Hand of Hope, and the Wake County Food Bank. Rudy Bears  to local Emergency, Fire, Sheriff and NC State Troopers to give to children involved in emergency situations. The Ruritans look forward to many years and expect another great year assisting our "small town"!
The McCullers Crossroads neighborhood knows that Ruritan makes their community a better place in which to live.