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Home Buddy can't connect to my Vera

If you have problems connecting Home Buddy to your Vera, make sure you do the following...

First make sure that your Android device has a network connection, preferably (but not necessarily) on the same network as your Vera.

On the setup screen:
  • Tap "Locate Vera".  If you're on the same network as your Vera, you can leave the username blank to detect local instances.  It is highly recommended though that you enter your username to configure remote settings and other instances linked to your account.  Hit OK and select the serial of the Vera you want to configure.
  • If you're accessing locally, you can hit back at this point and start using Home Buddy.  If remote, enter your password then hit back.
For v0.27 and older:
  • Enter your MiOS/FindVera username.  This is optional for local access but required for remote access.
  • Hit "Locate and Configure" and select the serial number of the Vera instance that you want to control.
  • If the Vera to be controlled is running UI2, you need to check the "UI2 Support" checkbox.
  • If in local mode, make sure Local IP Address was populated correctly.
  • If in remote mode, make sure you enter the correct password.
If you followed the above correctly, you should now be able to use Home Buddy to control Vera.

If you still have problems, email me at homebuddy.android@gmail.com

This might happen when the database gets into an inconsistent state.  You may see a toast message saying: "ERROR:  Refresh failed. Please check your settings. (java.lang.NullPointerException)".  If doing a full refresh via Setup > Full Refresh doesn't fix it, you may need to clear your application data.  NOTE that doing this will clear all your Home Buddy settings and require you to reconfigure it as if it were a new install.  Now that you've been warned, on to the instructions... go to your home screen, pull up the menu then select Settings > Applications > Manage applciations > Home Buddy > Clear data.

This may be caused by a change on MiCasaVerde's servers where your primary remote server was switched from one to another.  To resolve this, on the Setup screen, manually edit Remote Servers.  If you have the following:


delete the first server so that it looks like the following:


Of course if you had the servers in reverse order, you'd be left with:


Due to limitations with the way Home Buddy is currently coded, I can't easily try the second server when the first one fails, but I will fix this in a future version.

If you still get the error, you may have a different problem.  In that case, please consult the following forum entry:

In most cases, sending me your user_data information helps.  Here's how to do this:

Enter the following in a browser (doesn't need to be on your phone) and save the output to a file:

If you're on the same network as your Vera:
http://<your local Vera IP here>:49451/data_request?output_format=json&id=user_data2

If you're accessing remotely or just testing which remote server gives back a response:




If you have any passwords/pin codes, please mask them in the output without altering the overall format of the file before sending it over.