You are welcome to my site!

Hi there! This is Rakib. I am a  Ph.D student in Computer Science at Indiana University with a minor in Cognitive Science. I came here at Fall 2015, so this is my third year. Here I am working as a Research Assistant with Prof. Apu Kapadia. I am trying to understand how people process visual data at the psychological level, and how they make decisions about privacy management while sharing images over social networks. The goal is to develop intelligent systems using Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Science that can make more rational decisions about image sharing and help people to better manage their privacy. I am also interested in Data Mining, Network Science, and  Knowledge Discovery, and in my other project I am analyzing large corpus of Twitter data to understand the effects of positive and negative stimuli on behavioral changes.

I obtained my bachelor degree in Computer Science from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2012.