Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Powai, Mumbai - 400 076, INDIA

Tel.: (+91-22) 2576 7529 Fax: (+91) 2572 6875

E-mail : rakesh.mote(a)

Visiting Faculty: IIT Goa and IIT Dharwad

Research Highlights:

MSA Best Micrograph Award in Microscope and Microanalysis Meeting (M&M 2018) held in Baltimore, USA, organised by Microscopy Society of America.

Also, ANFF-VIC Image of the Year 2018 by Melbourne Center of Nanaofabrication.

PhD Student: Vivek Garg

Plasmonic near-field focusing

PhD Student: Mayur Darak

Elective for Autumn Semester (2019-20): Runs in Slot 12

Nano Manufacturing Processes (NMP): Science and Technology

(ME 6110: Institute & Department Elective)

For M. Tech., Ph.D., B Tech and Dual Degree Students

Intern Applicants:

Kindly note that the campus accommodation is not available for external interns. Interested need to have their own arrangements