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Google Stuff:

In this section of the page, i have mentioned some google ralated stuffs and information which i knew or got from net.


1)Make your Google Search Engine : Like shown below. It    just makes your name appear that's it.


How to do it?                                                              Ans: nkar

The link show's with my name. Just Type your name in place of my name that's it. eg:


2)Google's Blog: Did you know that google has it's own blog. . Check it out, it has all about google, really intresting.

3)Google in 1998 :Google sure has a come a long way, check out their 1998 webpage saved and archived on the web time machine: tp://

The logo was not that good, but that was in 1998.

I will also give you other stuff viz.

Here's Yahoo, MSN, and Excite (which I'm suprised still exists)

Check them out .......

1996 Yahoo -

1996 MSN - tp://

1996 Excite - tp://

4)Google by date: Search google by date.

Check this out.....

google by date


5) Alternate google names: Don't you get tired of typing w.w.w...g.o.o.g.l.e...c.o.m every time?
So, what to do? Google owns a lot of funny names that point to their site!

Check them out!!!



7) Google laugh

1- Go to Google

2- Type in the word "Failure"

3- Instead of clicking "Google Search," click "I'm Feeling Lucky."

4- :) Laugh uproariously

5- Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.


8) Google Products

web statistics