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Essential Links:

On this page you will find all the links of websites such as songs, wallpapers, yahoobooters, security, free softwares, cracks ,serials, patches, games cheatcodes, game cracks, hacking softwares....... etc. (mostly all are free) 


Page 1 :  a) Songs.

              b) Celebrity pics and wallpapers (Bolly n Holly)


Page 2 :   a) Cracks, serials and patches.

                b) Game cracks, patches and codes

                c) Free softwares.


Page 3 :   a) Yahoo booters and yahoo patches.

               b) Top Security and Hack tools.

               c) Hosting Servers

 Page 4 :   a) Fun, jokes, humour and timepass.

                b) Ebooks and Tutorials.

                c) Free Drivers site.

 Best Page 5:   a) Security Sites

                      b) Free Self Penetration Tests

                      c) Free Browser Self Security Check

                      d) Free shell Account

                      e) Whois Look up

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Disclaimer: All the links mentioned are just a collection. You are free to use them. I am not resposible for any misuse.

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