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Cool Stuff:

On this page you will find all the cool stuffs such as tips, tricks,hacks,ebooks,tutorials,cracks,and all the latest stuff.


1)David Blaine's Magic Revealed : All the David Blaine's     tricks are revealed and now you can do it. 

2) : This site gives free linux CD's. Yes totally free, no shiping charges, no fees. Order now      any amount of cd's. 

3)Make your Google Search Engine : Like shown below. It    just makes your name appear that's it.


How to do it?                                                              Ans:

The link show's with my name. Just Type your name in place of my name that's it. eg:


4) Make your Yahoo Search Engine: Like shown below. It just makes your name appear that's it.


How to do it?

Ans: Bhoinkar 

The above linke displays the page with my name. Just change the name that's it.                                             eg: name


5)22.meebo : With this site you can log on to yahoo, gtalk, jabber, msn, aim  and icq messenger without installation. Best for school.Try it out.


6)tinyurl: With help of this site now you can download  You Tube Videos and even convert it to any format. Try it out.

7)Yahoo Booting Tutorial: Booting is just a simple thing by which you can frezz others person's yahoo messenger. There are many types  of booting some are serious and some are fun. This is  the simplest tutorial i have found, which will make you   understand everythig about booting.

To download Yahoo Booter Click here 

8)Learn HTML Tutorial: If you wanna learn html language, this is the best tutorial accroding to me.

9)147_Great_WinXP_Tips : Seriously this are the best tips for Win Xp. Some of the tips even work for other OS.

10)200 ways to revive hard drive: This file has 200 ways by which you can revive your hard drive. 

11)Mobile Tips n Tricks : This one is very good , it has many tips and tricks for different mobiles. Be sure to check it out. You will know your mobile more by this.

12)Adding life to email signatures: With this you can add colours, music, grapics and more to make your signatures look cool.

13)Change Gmail skin: It's a add on features and only      works with mozilla firefox browser. click here to download Firefox


14)OReilly Practical Unix & Internet Security: If you are new to linux this is the best what i can recommened and is the greatest i have seen. Its a best ebook for linux user's many people use it.


15)Joke Ebook : It has all the jokes on various topics such as police,waiter,computer,sex,doctor etc..