Raj Kumar Singh Parihar





This introduction is very informal. If you know me personally you might find it interesting, but if you don't know me you would come to know something about me. :)


Life Before School:

I was a wanderlust before joining primary school. Even when I was not registered I used to visit all the schools, ponds, temples etc. you name it.

My Very First School:

School Name: Sharda Shishu Mandir, Jhingodar

Place: My Village (AMKUI)

Duration: from 1st Std till 3rd Std.


1st Std:  85%

2nd Std: 86%

3rd Std: 67%

Quick facts: This was the very first school for me so the memories of time spent there are still afresh in mind. I remember All those celebrations of 15th AUG, 26th JAN and Sarswati POOJA.


Second School:

School Name: Sarswati Shishu Vidhya Mandir, Dureha

Place: Dureha (4 km away from my village)

Duration: from 4th Std till 7th Std.


4th Std: 84.2%

5th Std: 89%

6th Std: 83%

7th Std: 84%

Quick facts: This was the first time when I encountered RSS in my life. It seemed OK to me, but as time progressed some more aspects came in light. Now no doubt, I am not a core supporter of RSS. 4th and 5th std I enjoyed my stay at school but the later half was much more bitter and pathetic. Because of this bitterness I left the school for just one year before I moved to a completely new place.


Third School:

School Name: Sarswati Shishu Vidhya Mandir, Saleha

Place: Saleha (11 km away from my home village)

Duration: only 8th Std.


8th Std: 87%

Quick facts: If I have to choose one year from my life which was formative in terms of long term goals, this would be the one. This was the the most amazing school, ever I have seen in my life. It gave my everything in a short period of just one year. I liked the culture and people there. I will feel proud If I would be able to do something for my this school. I remember one incident when I visited the school after graduation; no one was there early in the morning. I couldn't met anyone there, but I did spent 20-30 min there alone.


Final School:

School Name: Sarswati Higher Secondary School, Krishna nagar

Place: Satna

Duration: from 9th Std till 12th Std.


9th Std: 90%

10th Std: 86.2%

11th Std: 90%

12th Std: 94.9%

Quick comments: This school surged my life in a particular direction, which was full of competition. The culture hadn't much appreciated by me at the end. what most significant gift to me this school gave was "three 1st rank and one 2nd rank position during four years, including a bonus ticket to BITS, Pilani". I feel proud about this school that many of my seniors, Batch mates and juniors are performing well, wherever they are.


My College:

This is not the right place to write anything about the college and memorable moments there. I feel my college life is still not complete. Once It will be complete I will come back with some more meaningful information and experiences.

For now I feel the the name should suffice: First half of my college life belongs to BITS - Pilani.

 At present I am a Ph.D. student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Rochester.

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Raj VS Prince


Many people asked me why your name is "Raj Kumar". Didn't you get any other good name?

 My nick name is "PRINCE", for those who don't know.

Here is an  interesting story behind these two names.

My schooling started a bit late than it should be. I  remember when I went to school for very first time at the age of 6 year.

Before that I had visited couple of schools, of course informally ;-)

When first time I went to school in the month of July, I wasn't registered till JAN of the same year.

Then one of my teacher asked to my parents "Ab to Admission karwa dijiye"

My Dad came to my school for admission. This was my first school (of course official one in my life).

School name was "Sharda Shishu Mandir, Jhingodar"

Don't surprise with the name "Jhingodar". This is a village's name, which is in the vicinity of my Home Village AMKUI.

For some reasons they were not able to run the school in "Jhingodar", Thus they shifted the school to our village.

One more thing which I can notice now is the name of the school. Why the name was Sharda?

Now I feel it could be on the name of our Head master Mr. Sharda Prasad Dwivedi.(One of my favorite teacher)

My dad reached school without any documents, not even DOB certificate.

Everything was decided on the spot. even DOB.

My mom tells now that my original DOB is 20th Sep 1984; But in record I have 30th JAN 1985. It is a very interesting day "Shaheed Diwas".

Now the name had to be decided. I don't remember exactly what had happened; but I am guessing here which should be closer to reality.

Teacher might had asked the name. My dad replied Name: we call him "PRINCE" at home. How about Hindi version of this "RAJ KUMAR".

Both of them might have agreed upon the same. It is finalized.

I tried to change this name many times unsuccessfully ;-)

but it couldn't happen

Moral of the story:

"Raj kumar" is derived from my actual name "PRINCE PARIHAR"

I hate this "singh" word.

Interesting facts:

1. Many of the my relatives don't know that my official name is "Rajkumar"

2. Many of the my school and college friends don't know that my nick name is "PRINCE".

3. Nobody knew the story which I just wrote.


-Prince (Raj)