R & D Field

Acrotech Consultancy Services (A.C.S.)















R & D Field


1. Chip based Anti-Terrorist  hyper technology Devices.

2. Advance Mobile Technologies with secrets code Devlopment.

3. Advanced T.V. & Laptop  Standard Based on advanced scanning technology with absolute resolutions.

4. Anti Cholesterol Cardio Surgery System.

5. Advance Helthcare Products For Gennext Hospitals.

6. Advance Micro-(M.PROG.) FOR Hyper Products.

7. Advance Heart Beat Sencer.

8. Avance Super Car- Name is Challenger - fully mobile system.

9. O.S.- SUNIX (The Son Of UNIX)  Working at features.

10. SUNIX-THE SUPER PERSONAL COMPUTER (P4-Max. 14000- 18000 Rs./- With Best Services)

Software, VLSI, VHDL, Embedded system, DSP, web Technologies, Database Technologies,Linux, Java, Robotics.VB.NET & ASP.NET