A short Introduction

                            Rajkiran gupta katakam
                                        software engineer
                        cadence design systems pvt ltd. Noida
                rajkiran2190@gmail.com, rajkiran@cadence.com

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I did my bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur from the department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering. I like coding and have an immense passion to innovate.

Currently I am working in Cadence Design Systems, which is one of the leading software development firms in Electronics Design Automation, in Timing and Signal integrity team. This tool (Tempus) is a signoff tool which evaluates the delays, glitches, and all possible fluctuations in signal of a stage (a stage includes a cell and its connecting net) because of its cross talk with the neighboring nets and cells. I work on various features and have implemented many, of which my work on glitch and spice deck are very well acknowledged.

This tool is a competitor to most established tool in this domain prime-time of synopsis. 
The growth of this tool is now amazing in the market, the electronics design companies are now accepting and converting to this tool at a very high speed. The market share has increased from last year which was around 6-7 percent to an incredible 20 percent this year.
I had worked in various domains of the tool which include glitch evaluation, spice trace dumping and etc.