Buddhist Activities

Current Buddhist activities

  • Creating the website Southern New Zealand Buddhist Information on 06 December 2014 and its associated Facebook group, and maintaining them.
  • Participating in eight-precepts and other Buddhist programmes in Dunedin and Invercargill, New Zealand.

Past Buddhist activities
  • Participating in annual Vesak eight-precepts programme in Melbourne (2004 - 2007), and in Brisbane (2010 - 2013), Australia
  • Singing devotional songs (bhakthi gee) in Buddhist choir, Sri Lanka Buddhist Monastery, Ellen Grove, Qld, Australia, 2011 - 2014
  • Coordinating the annual Olcott commemoration alms-giving in Brisbane, Buddhist Vihara of Queensland, Goodna, Qld, Australia, 2013 - 2014
  • Coordinating and volunteering for a working-bee at Buddhist Vihara of Queensland, Goodna, Qld, Australia, 2013
  • President of Melbourne University Buddhist Studies Society 2006/07 (University site)
  • Regularly visiting the following temples in Brisbane:
             Sri Lanka Buddhist Monastery (Sri Lankarama Maha Vihara), Ellen Grove
             Buddhist Vihara of Queensland (Goodna temple), Goodna
             Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage, Kholo
  • Regularly visiting the following temples in Melbourne:
             Buddhist Society of Victoria, East Malvern
             Dhamma Sarana Vihara, Keysborough


"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
     - The Buddha

"Of the great religions of history, I prefer Buddhism, especially in its orthodox form, because it has had the smallest element of persecution."
     - Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

"Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity."
     - Albert Einstein

('Albert Einstein: The Human Side', edited by Helen Dukas and Banesh Hoffmann, Princeton University Press, 1979)


The life of the Buddha (BBC documentary)
Dhamma talk on 'Superstition' by Ven. Ajahn Brahmavamso
Dalai Lama's discussion during his Australian visit in June 2007
The four sacred sites associated with the Buddha
Bodhivana monastery

Links to useful Buddhist websites

Melbourne University Buddhist Studies Society (MUBSS)
   YouTube video
   MUBSS blog
   MUBSS facebook group
Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.

The Buddha's teaching as it is: An introductory course


Good question, good answers on Buddhism


Buddhist Society of Western Australia


Buddhist Society of Victoria


Website of Ven. Dankande Dhammaratana (has dhamma talks and books in Sinhalese)


Buddhist pandols and lanterns in Australia

2010 Vesak pandol at Goodna temple, Brisbane (click here to watch the video of the pandol)

2008 Vesak pandol at Dhamma Sarana Vihara, Keysborough  (click here to watch the video of the pandol)

2006 Vesak pandol at Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, Berwick (click here to watch the video of the lantern)

 2004 Vesak pandol at Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, Berwick  (click here to watch the video of the pandol)


The Emperor asked Master Gudo, "What happens to a man of enlightenment after death?"
"How should I know?" replied Gudo.
"Because you are a master," answered the Emperor.
"Yes sir," said Gudo, "but not a dead one."

A Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist die and arrive at the Gate of Heaven. An angel (or deva) stops them and asks, "Why do you come here? Can you tell me the reasons why you are allowed to enter Heaven?"   
       The Christian replies, "My ancestors disobeyed God, and I sinned all my life: I killed, I lied, I cheated my wife and I was greedy. However, Jesus died for me and all my sins are forgiven. So I deserve to enter Heaven. "OK," replies the Angel. "Sounds good, but I must give you an entrance examination before you can enter." The Christian promptly agrees and the Angel asks him: "How do you spell God?" It is an easy question, and the Christian passes through the Gate.
       Next came the Muslim, who says, "I did not do any especially good or evil things during my life but I was very devout. I prayed to God five times a day. So, I too should enter Heaven." The Angel replies, "It sounds OK to me, but I have to give you a test also. How do you spell Allah?" The Muslim passes the test and enters Heaven.
       Finally, it is the Buddhist's turn. He tells the Angel, "I've done all the good things in my life and I followed Buddha's five precepts: I never killed, I donated to charities, I meditated every day, and I never cheated my boss nor my customers." The Angel replies, "That is very good, but there are no exceptions. You must pass the entrance test also in order to get in." Thinking that the test should be simple, the Buddhist happily agrees.
       The Angel then asks him: "How do you spell Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva?"

The Law of Karma states that good ones can go to heaven and evil ones go to hell. But things got mixed up, and an engineer ended up in Hell after his death.
       King Yama (the Lord of Hell in Buddhism) looked at his record of Karma and said, "You should not have come here. You should have gone to heaven to enjoy life. However, we in Hell are undergoing a major renovation project, to install a central air conditioning system for everybody. Are you interested in submitting a bid?" The engineer thought, "I have the right to go to Heaven. But, what the hell, I don't want to lose a business opportunity here." So he submitted a bid to King Yama and got the job. The work proceeded well and besides installing a central air conditioning system, the engineer also put in a large swimming pool and built a beautiful park. Life in Hell had became very comfortable.
       One day, King Yama met King Sakra (the Heavenly Emperor), at a Buddhist Temple. "How is life in Hell?" asked Emperor Sakra. "Very good," replied King Yama, "we hired an engineer who preferred to stay with me rather than going to you, and he had installed things like air conditioners to make life comfortable." Upon hearing this, King Sakra got furious, "You are breaking the Law of Karma. I demand that you send the engineer back to heaven immediately, otherwise I will take legal action against you."
       "Take legal action?" King Yama smiled, "how can you find a lawyer?"

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