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A Refuge during Hussite Times

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Duration: April – October 2015

John Hus’ teachings and especially his burning at the stake in Constance in 1415 started a period of Czech history that was aptly referred to by historian František Šmahel as “disjointed”. It was a period of campaigns, battles and plundering that spread from Bohemia to other areas, including Moravia. 
The Rajhrad Monastery was besieged by Hussite troops, but never seized. Most monasteries in Bohemia (and not just Benedictine ones) were plundered by the Hussites (some of which were not even restored after the Hussite movement ended) and monks had to flee and hide with order members in Moravia where they would be safe. Together, they brought the most precious items they could, including books. The Rajhrad Monastery was one such refuge. Books from several Bohemian monasteries were transferred to the Rajhrad library during those times. These included anti-Hussite tractates and treatises by Hussitism supporters that the Benedictines were planning to comment on and argue against. Manuscripts containing such arguments and comments have also been preserved.

Part of the Hussite Chronicle by Vavřinec of Březová

The tract against Hus and Wycliffe