3D model

A separate part of the presentation of Rajhrad as a cultural phenomenon will involve a 3D virtual model of selected buildings (and sections) of the monastery. This will be a special 3D interactive data visualization presented online. Using geodetic, photographic (photogrammetric) methods and a 3D laser scanning method, both the exteriors and the interiors of the monastery will be digitally documented with the aim to create 3D models, including an information database. Knowledge of the landscape’s spatiotemporal changes plays an important role in many fields of study when researching the countryside. An application will be developed in a map server environment with the help of old cartographic items. This application will show the development of and changes to the landscape around the Rajhrad Monastery. In other words, a set of specialized maps will be created.

You can see the first results of the work on specialized maps and 3D model of the library and the monastery

More information you can find hier

This work will be performed by members of Laboratoře geoinformatiky Univerzity J. E. Purkyně. 

We just have the first photos from the helicopter.