Presentations made in IRMA and other invited Presentations 

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Invited Presentations

1. "Rural Marketing in India : Beyond Tactics," Feb 2009, IIIT Allahabad

2. "Rural Retail Options" Nov 2006, Bhavan -SIET Institute of Management, Banagalore

3. "Rural Retail - Emerging and Traditional Options" , April 2007, Indo-Kaka IPCO Wala Chanaga Institute of Management, Changa.

Doctoral Colloquium Presentations at IRMA 

4. “Supply chain Coordination in Agricultural Commodities,” in Jan 2004. 

5. “Teaching Case of Kala Raksha Trust,” in April 2004. 

6.“Research Paradigms in Channels Research and Suitability to Emerging Economies,” in May 2004. 

7.“Book review of ‘The Toyota Way,’” by Jeffery Liker, in Feb 2005.

8. “Retail Structure in a Village – Empirical Evidence from Palejh Village” in August 2005