Current Courses

Marketing Management I.

Core Marketing courses which introduce students to marketing.


Sales and Distribution 

An elective course offered to students in the second year. the course objectives are,

To provide participants with an understanding of the important role that the sales and distribution activities can play in organizational success

To highlight the major decision areas within sales and distribution and to provide analytical frameworks and approaches that will facilitate decision making

To provide an exposure to key concepts, theories and recent developments in sales and distribution and to illustrate their applicability in tackling the challenges in business


Rural Marketing

Rural economy in India contributes to nearly half of the country's GDP. The size of the market in rural India for durables and FMCG is bigger than that in urban India. Inspite of this it still remains a huge untapped market, riddled with problems of poor accessibility and low literacy levels. Through this course an attempt would be made to understand the key ingredients of developing a successful rural marketing strategy. Initially an overview of rural markets would be provided so that the participants develop an appreciation for the contextual differences between rural and urban areas. And then various emerging perspectives of rural marketing, managerial initiatives and relevant framework would be discussed. Through the course the participants will be introduced to a more holistic perspective of rural marketing which would include not only urban-to-rural marketing, but also issues of intra-rural marketing and rural-to-urban marketing. The developmental angle to rural marketing will also be addressed. And case studies of various institutions engaged in rural marketing would be used to draw out implications for rural marketers.