About me

Rajeev J Mudakavi


Fields of research

  • Development of Novel materials for healthcare applications
  • Bioconjugation and synthesis of biomaterials
  • Drug delivery systems for Cancer therapy
  • Delivery systems for Anti-microbial therapy
  • water treatment and pollution control

Recent Publications

1. Impact of Bioinspired Nanotopography on the Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Efficacy of Chitosan"

Abinash Tripathy, Suman Pahal, Rajeev J Mudakavi, Ashok M. Raichur, Manoj M. Varma and Prosenjit Sen,

2. Development of arginine-based nanocarriers for targeting and treatment of intracellular Salmonella

Rajeev J Mudakavi, S Vanamali, D Chakravortty, AM Raichur,

RSC Advances 7 (12), 2017, 7022-7032 DOI: 10.1039/c6ra27868j. [link]

Technical Skills

Chemistry: Synthesis of polymer and lipid mediated carriers, Bioconjugation and functionalization chemistry

Characterization techniques: Spectroscopic analytical techniques -UV-Visible and FTIR, HPLC,

AAS, Zetasizer, Thermal analytical techniques (DSC and TGA), Bioseparation techniques (SDS Page, HPLC), Electron microscopy technique (SEM, TEM and XRD), Atomic force microscopy (AFM)

My Resume is Available HERE