An Introduction - The Glass City Of India - Firozabad

A brief (but thorough) web site devoted to this unexplored yet famous city.

 The Glass City of India !!!... Ya .. Firozabad….is a city in India, within the state of Uttar Pradesh. This city was built by Firoz Shah Tughluq, a Tughlaq king. Since ancient times it is famous for Glass products and Glass Bangles works, and its concerned small scale industry is famous all over the globe. Firozabad, where people breathe glass not air, where every second conveyance is found fully stuffed with sparking glass bangles of intensive colors. This city is nothing without glass products,glass bangles & glass production units. Its really very difficult to imagine Firozabad without glass.

Since 1989, Firozabad started producing molded glass ware in variety of colors and shades used in glass chandeliers and other glass products which are in high demand in export trade

Firozabad is now quite very developed in comparison to some year back. Its growing glass industry is boosting strength to its existence & importance for the peoples, government, economy & most important industry field. 

Peoples of firozabad are now understanding the importance of the glass industry & their skills, as they are getting more & more connected to the outer world for export trade. Today Firozabad, the glass city of India, has 75% of its population involved in glass industry directly or indirectly.