Infectious diseases are now the world's biggest killers of children and young adults. "They account for more than 13 million deaths a year - one in two deaths in developing countries" as stated by the WHO. Most deaths from infectious diseases occur in developing countries. The cause for this has been attributed to the unavailability of efficient drugs and if at all available, the high cost associated with those drugs. Development of cheap and efficient drugs for a disease is one of the major problems faced by mankind. The solution to this problem could be from rational drug design using Bioinformatics. 

About us:

We are a team of BIO IT professionals based at Bangalore who had taken the initiative in the year 1999 to promote Indian Original Research Products developed by Indians that has the potential and will be of great use for all the Pharmaceutical companies and the scientific community inside India and across the world. The successes of this will enable us to become Global Leaders in the field of New Drug Discovery Innovation and development.


The aim of Team India is to identify current problem areas in the field of bioinformatics and identify future research directions that might contribute to solving problems and promote two-way collaboration as opposed to concentrating on enabling technologies in each discipline.


The team after completing an extensive survey on Bioinformatics products market has found that it is extremely important to engage biologists in the computing side of bioinformatics and for biologists to describe biological problems in a way accessible to computer scientists if Bioinformatics has to be a successful industry.


Keeping in line with the above mentioned problems,Team India has the ability to integrate various Research labs expertise’s across the country into any new drug discovery program to provide validated health care related Insilico solutions by integrating the best Indian original research life sciences technologies that can speed up new drug discovery research in India and across the globe. This will enable us to deliver a total Insilico solutions towards specific diseases across the world.


If you are looking out for a team that’s young experienced and talented with lot of passion in what they do, A team that can be trusted for their integrity, ability to deliver…. Then you can count on us as Team India.


We can help you:

  • In starting of entrepreneurial ventures by scientists/faculty in labs and educational Institutions
  • In the joint development of comprehensive insilico tools for cost effective clinical trials.
  • In the collaborative validation of identified models and development of new alternative models for evaluation of new drug entities 
  • Scale up and Validation of leads developed in-house:

Our Solution and Services for:

Our Mission:
  • Is to provide relief and hope for millions of people around the world-And we must do so as quickly as possible because …The patient is waiting! 

Our Vision:

  • To Provide many Insilico validated drug targets available that could become cost effective new drugs for the world population especially for the neglected diseases of the developing countries.

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