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Innovative Urban Transport technology based on my invention Skybus makes for people friendly and eco-boosting, while being non-invasive and allows urban habitat to live without getting disrupted. Existing lobbies of old conventional technologies have been actively suppressing the introduction and public interest is sabotaged  by networked  lobbiests/ consultants/ administrators. To break this vicious vice like grip on our society, it is proposed to create a Special Purpose vehicle, with my company taking the lead. The terms and conditions are hereby laid out and I as the inventor would like to assure all to put together necessary checks and balances to assure honesty and integrity and achieve the goal.      

Background Information-wise Urban Transport 


Who am I proposing this unusual step:

World's First running Skybus on test track at Goa

  •  Rapid 100 kmph mass (8000pphpd to 80,000pphpd) rail-based air-condition travel
  • Pre-certified to existing international norms, Safest derailment-free by design rail-system, patented, but uses all existing proven elements
  • Practically no land requiremets in the city and no demolition of any existing building.
  • Noise pollution avoided by trapping the same in enclosed concrete box
  • City aesthetics are preserved. even though the system is running in the median of existing roadway, because the fixed structure is located well above 9 m from the road surface, but access for commuters is at only at 6 m. In case of conventional metro rail, it is opposite, access for commuters is inconvenient, and the fixed struature at 6m ht is grotesque and causes claustro-phobia.
  • Safest Skybus, can never capsize and fall on the road users, (proven in trilas when a freak accident took place), while conventional metro is a waiting disaster for road users.  
  • Amenable for the best disaster management provisions, compared to existing transport system. 
  • Trials which included a freak accident,  proved all the superior behaviour attributes as compared to existing metro rails.
  • The actual construction costs of test track demonstrated that the Capital cost of the Skybus Metro, is less than Rs 550  millions per double line route including all the rolling stock, for 20000 pphpd capacity. It takes only three years to complete. The conventional design today costs two to three times more and takes five to seven years.


 Business Model- you can create value: 

The new innovative design of Skybus redefines the city life in an eco-friendly manner as well as makes the urban trabsport a safer mass rapid rail-based system, scalable to meet requirements of over hundred years.

World's first Commerial Skybus project to cause paradigm shift in the transport world having long term implications for designing 

  • viable urban transport for not only people but city cargo too, 
  • in design of sea ports and 
  • airports.

The market opprtunity space as estimated by Price Waterhouse Coopers remains to be availed.

The usual resistance in the market for such innovation because of lag time in consultants getting to re-orient their thinking, leaving their comfortable well trodden paths as well as governments known for sticking to only what is known, makes it difficult to execute the first commercial project with potential to cause paradigm shift.

This is actually a great opportunity for those who have a habit of applying their mind in professional and technical matters- to be the first to ride the cutting edge and  love to cause a paradigm shift to the way people live their lives in the coming years.

The pupose of bringing together such like minded people on a large scale is to make the effort wide spread and demonstarte that idea is more powerful than greedy self-centered power mongers holding on to their own models of having short term goals of enriching themselves at recurring cost to future generations.

Every time I was prevented from bringing the concept in to world, it is Private initiative which made it a reality. The first prototype of Skybus coaches and stations were put up by voluntary contributions from private industries, when Government failed to support. 

Cities will get decongested, environment will improve, high speed rail-based and derailment-free railway system will provide a paradigm shift to transport scene in the world. The project is financially viable- but gets blocked by the vested interests to sell the conventional designs at three to four times the cost of Skybus- and also are threatened that once the Skybus is commercially implemented, the market share for original metro solution will get re-defined in favour of India. 

It is proposed to demonstarte through actual execution of a 10 km pilot project ourselves, in a city to prove what we believe, to change the life of urbanites for better. Though I happen to be the sole Inventor, in public spirit I have assigned all rights to a Government of India comapny Konkan Railway Corporation.

As one of my friends(NRI) suggested, we will be of group of 50,000 nos contributing Rs100,000 each as equity, to raise Rs 500 cr to put up the 10km route. Each one of you will become a change-maker to improve quality of life to struggling urbanites, by decongesting the roads, eliminating pollution and provide  air-condition comfortable  travel accessible every 500m. World's first system you will be creating - and you will also create wealth for yourself. We shall put up Skybus in a city where the State government acts purely in public interest &  honestly and genuinely welcomes our initiative.

The technology company Atri Knowledge Embedded Infrastrucutre Lab(Akeil) will act as vehicle to receive the funds, manage as trustee, along with a nationalised Bank- for assuring application of funds for the cause intended. In this case since the account is already with State Bank of Hyderabad , it is proposed to appoint them as trustees and will become co-signatory with AkeiL.

The site will carry a secure page for listing all the stakeholder's names , addresses, and contact information. Every quarter the accounts and Director's report will be placed on the web for scrutiny and comments- followed by annual AGM vote of audited accounts on a secure web page, the results of voting published, satisfies the requirement of corporate governance norms, as mutually agreed among the shareholders, as part of their agreement, when they contributed.

 The AkeiL will have the power of attroney from each of the share holder- to do all acts and things necessary to execute the pilot project duly coordinating with state authorities and also Konkan Railway as required and within three years of financial closure, not only complete the project with International certification, and operate over 10 years, to ensure that confidence placed by the stakeholders is adequately rewarded. 

The inventor Mr B. Rajaram continues to do research and just as he has assigned his patent rights earlier to Konkan Railway- almost to the extent of Rs 20,000 to 30,000 cr,(NPV Rs 8,000-10,000 cr)- further improvements with additional IP rights will now be shared between the AkeiL and inventor on 50:50 basis- which means this will be additional value addition and opportunity to gain wealth for the share holder. 

The expectation is that a minimum of 10% dividend is payable once the operation starts. An expected financial appreciation is posted. After 4 to 5 years of operation, the Operating company will be separated and valued to be sold off- the proceedings being credited back to be divided amongst the stake holders.  At this stage we may agree to list the company to unlock the value.

 All the revenues are credited to the same account held in trust and divedends paid through accepted bank channels. The quarterly and annual audited accounts will be posted on the web for infromation and queries of all stakeholders.

This announcement is to be treated as Expression of Interest and whether a private company with 50,000 investors on the lines mentioned above can fuction with disclosure norms as detailed above, has to be legally ratified. The AkeiL though remains a private limited company, will follow all the norms prescribed by the SEBI as if it is a public limited company.

The major purpose of this association through the contribution to the AkeiL is public interest and to demonstrate that the technology proposed by the Inventor solves Urban transport problem in a people friendly manner- while being commercially viable.

Over the next 4 weeks we will get feed back and formulate the details of implementation. 

DRAFT Letter of Expression