The Great Indian Metro Rail Circus

Where there is honesty and committment to truly serve people wisely, Skybus appears there! 

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 Capcity of Skybus- same as heavy metro rail!

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Value Based Creators of Infrastructure



It is surprising and quite amusing some times, to see the self-important administrators happily implementing the Delhi metro/Mumbai metro taking help of mainly foreign consultants with Indian collaborators, progressively impoverishing the country. It is further adding insult to injury to our Indian intellect and technical expertise, when the money power of the lobby effectively manipulates the bureaucracy and political power, to block our country's initiative to deliver better and safer systems of urban transport like pre-safety-certified Skybus metro rail, which makes the urban transport in the world financially viable. But it is not so amusing to watch the combination of  the tourist level technical knowledge of the administrators  and happy  technical advisors on foreign trips to refresh their tourist-level-technical expertise, coupled with short term huge gains to consulting firms along with press effectively blinded   by the glitter of glass and steel camouflaging the same old railway with serious lacunae of derailments and capsizing, who all applaud each other, while the country's mute institutions of engineers and technologists, keep themselves busy picking up the crumbs while common man sweats out paying for the fun of all these players! Press may not publish this comment also, but fortunately the lobby is not effective in USA and other countries who recognised the safer Skybus metro rail to grant patents.