Technology should serve us, not vice versa!

Our policy makers and engineers are forcing people to re-engineer their lives to the product chosen- instead of re-engineering technology to suit requirements of humans! 

The Government should demand that:

  • There shall be no disturbance to habitat- no demolishing of existing city property nor colony
  • No ugly claustrophobic structure- fixed structure should atleast be 8 to 9 m above the road level, not to be obtrusive to the eye sight of  road users
  •  Noise pollution should be contained
  • There shall be a guarantee that the sytem shall be so firmly attached to the guidance system, that under no circumstances, it will lose control and fall down , endangering road users.
  • The system should have the best world class disaster management schemes. 
  • Should be capable running at 100 kmph, and high acceleration/deceleration controls, for fast travel.
  • Stations/access points should be capable of being located within one kilometer, with almost no land requirement, and commuters required to climb the least height- not more than 6m.
  • Natural  inter-modal integration should be built in- should not become an additonal cost outside the project.
  • Scalable for next 100 years to handle  from a low 8000 pphpd  to 80,000 pphpd
  • Shall not demand any subsidy, and be economic- at the existing price structures the project should be viable and sustainable. That means no Government funding to be provided.
  • Comfortable aircondition travel at international standard level to be provided.
  • Capability to handle bagged/container cargo as well as even lift and transport loaded trucks providing bridging to the last kilometer should be available
  • Capability to take over mechanised clearing of the roads and finally transport the city refuse to a dump should also be present. 
  • Government shall only promise to provide the legal frame work for safety certification at commissioning stage for public use. Each and every element and sub-system shall conform to accepted international standards- hence be pre-certified. Third party safety commissioning certification from internationally accredited agency shall be the pre-requisite before safety certificate under the applicable Act can be issued. 
  • Within 3 years the project shall be delivered.

State can call for open bids from eligible BOT  parties with adequate networth,  and check whether their technology satisfies the above mentioned norms. Penal provisions apart from financial gurantees can be incorporated,  to make sure truth is presented for getting the project, so that only serious bidders partcipate.