Skybus Capacity

Skybus is a standard gauge metro railway- using 12t/14t axel load driving bogies to carry 400 persons per 18.5m long, 3.25m wide coach, divided into two 9.5m bus modules with connecting door. Can have 20m radius of turning, and vertical lift, so no built up property need to be destroyed as well as by design can never escape from rail tracks nor capsize- very  unique improvement of railway!

Capcity scalable as in metro from 20,000 to 80,000 peak passenger seats per hour per direction!

Turn-round time at the traverser and mathematical model to show the influence on capcity


Train control signalling scheme, safety layer, arrival and departure at stations, influencing the capacity


Access at stations -turnstyles number and width of doors and rate of flow-influencing the capacity

Capcity to carry commuters per hour is influenced by:

  • turn round time at the track change points at the end of the route for a Skybus unit
  • the train control signalling system, which controls the cycle time for arrival of Skybus at station- including the time taken to open and close the doors
  • the access -rate of access facility at station and into the Skybus
  • the carrying capcity of the Skybus unit
  • scalability to get attached to each others-to run two or three units together- scalable from 400 to 1200 persons : even at 3 units length for 1200 persons , the maximum length of train is only 60m!
  • though 40 seconds headway is possible, following conventional principles, not using advanced control systems, let us assume only ONE minute : then with one unit of Skybus we get 400x60=24000 peak hour passengers per hour per direction- but we say 20,000 only. If we run 3 units, we can scale it up to 3x24000= 72,000!!! peak capacity per hour. We can even run 4 units, then we cross 80,000 !

Why the same railway technology used in Skybus should not produce the above results based on the same proven principles, has to be rationally answered-in metro it works but not in Skybus- is a matter of irationality. Conventional railway cannot produce the case of carrying 1200 within 60m long as well as shift train unit by lateral shift of 5m, and time required to cover self-length shortened , including braking distance- as in case of Skybus train!

Even if one says, headway of only 90 sec is possible, still, Skybus can provide adequate capacity of more than 60,000 peak capacity per hour per direction!



Please do not think of comparing with rubber-tyred traction systems- like mono-rail or BRTS- they are not railway systems! Skybus has regular railway track, and is a case of steel wheel running on the steel rail- in fact exactly the same system used in high speed metros!