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Rajaram Bojji <> wrote:

Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:55:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rajaram Bojji <>
Subject: A serious fraud on the country- those who know keeping quiet are no better than the criminal

The country is put to loss of thousands of crores while providing less safe trains on bridges in the middle of roads running all along with no gurantee for their not escaping the tracks and jumping on road traffic, while improved railway where this disaster will not take place and that too at affordable cost to the nation is available proven in safety trials, which is Skybus, and ready for commercial implementation, being pre-certified as much as old conventional metro rails.
TuV Rheinland Germany, the world renowned safety certifiers are ready to certify the system for public carriage, and have already issued the maturity certificate for the technology.
Govt of India , still depending on some its advisors to spend unsustainable metro rail systems is technically an act of fraud on the nation and its trusting common people.
I here by formally submit my complaint that the fraud should be stopped forthwith.
Documents I attach as addressed to Cabinet secretary, which have been neglected by the Government- for your necessary action as per the prevailing Penal Code provisions.

B. Rajaram M. Tech., FIE., FNAE
Indian Railway Service of Engineers (1970-2005) 
CE(Goa), Dir(Project) & MD  Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.,( 1990-2005)
Inventor & Mentor Anti-collision/Skybus Technologies
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