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Even though solution stares in their faces, Governments choose to remain blinkered! A letter addressed to editors of news papers- but for some reason does not get published!

A Detailed Paper on Skybus

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Skybus Pre-certified

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Dear Sir,


Skybus is a standard gauge railway system, an improved railway where the problem of derailment and train escaping the tracks, is solved, and hence world recognised and graanted patents. Beauty is snce all the proven and time tested railway elements only are used, it is a design project-and by definition pre-certified, as no new technology is researched or proposed. It is like constructing a new building - following all the codes, but looks different from existing ones, when completed.


Headway-turn round times:                                                                                                                                        

In a railway, where a train of   200m has to negotiate 100m of turn out more than once to change tracks in a yard at low speeds of 15 kmph- means 300m traversing at low a speed of 15 kmph. Hence turn round times of   72 secs per one turn out and finally adding the acceleration and deceleration times for 200m to come to a stop makes it difficult to achieve 60 second turn round times.      

  For the same signaling system, Sky Bus has less turn round time. In Sky Bus it is a matter of 20m/40m coach/s shifted by 5 mt at 1 m per second and acceleration and deceleration times for covering only 20m length for self-length, which makes it possible to have turn round times of less than one minute.  

Skybus is a railway, which has eliminates derailments, and provides positive connection between the tracks and bogies( this today does not exist in railway), thus eliminating any chance of capsizing of coaches . So within 20m length , instead of lot of dead steel, Skybus carries more load of people.               We can design to carry 300 to 430 persons per 20m length ,consisting of 2x9.5m units. This has been done.                                     



At 300 to 400 persons per a 20m long Sky Bus consist per hour can handle at 1 min headway, 300 or 400 x 60x 2 directions= 36000 pax or 48000 per hour This is per one route. The use of two consists with total length of just 40m only, can give 72000 or 96000 pax per hour! This is what heavy underground metro also delivers.                                                                                                   

                 A city can have 4 routes of 15 km each and 4 routes of 10 km cutting across forming a grid covering about 150 sq km. Skybus can provide commuter  capacity to move 60 to 70 lac per day! The roads will be totally decongested, for a city like Mumbai!                                                                                         


Financia overview:


                Existing cost for travel bus/auto + charge for metro, replaced by only  Sky Bus charge.  At a daily spend of Rs 50 per day on average for floating population of 5 lacs. and regular commuters of 30 lacs paying monthly Rs 500 per 1000km travel , we get annually Rs 1800 cr plus Rs 900 cr from floating population.                     

At average of Rs 55 cr per km the 100 km costs Rs 5500 cr and running expenditure is about Rs 850 cr , leaving a balance of Rs 1850 cr per annum surplus! It means surplus 34% of capital which makes the project financially sustainable. In Mumbai 61 lac journeys take place on suburban rail. Regular commuter paying 50ps per air-conditioned travel should be affordable in South Asian scenario.



                If railway metro as we know is considered safe, then Skybus is safer railway,( uses standard gauge railway tracks), because it improves safety many folds more by providing the hitherto missing positive link between railway tracks and the running bogie, so that passenger coaches can never escape the track and fall down. This is a matter of fact obviously verifiable even by non-engineers! Eminent scientists like Dr Abdul Kalam, Dr Anil Kakodkar, Dr Ramarao and a working Commissioner of Railway Safety examined and concluded, by bench   marking against existing railway system , that Skybus is technically sound and SAFER too! The respected TUV Rheinland, Germany concluded that Skybus is mature technology, safe for implementation. Tests and trials at Goa, actually proved that the dynamic results in comparison with best of metros, satisfied safety norms ten times better! Advanced country like USA already granted three patents to the inventor Mr. B. Rajaram ( Former MD/ Konkan Railway), who has assigned his intellectual property rights to the people of our country.  It is interesting fact that whatever positive recommendations were made by the committees of eminent scientists were sought to be modified, and benefit denied by delaying tactics by another committe, Dr Indiresan committee loaded with persons from Delhi metro and known opponents having vested interests to promote commercial interests of foreign euipment manufacturers, and paid consusltants. The simple fact for public is that internationally renowned certifying agency TuV Rheinland, Germany, has declared the Skybus technology to be mature for safe implementation for public carriage and Cheif Commissioner Railway Safety too agreed to certify the same once the authorisation is given. Actually a freak accident in experimental trials ( not in certified system), brought out many positive points of the Skybus technology and gave a valuable insight into the consequences of unforeseen disaster.The full sytem obviously was not under commission, and it only proved that with full system duly in position such freak accident cannot take place. 



                 Similar to railway act, a legal frame work is required , say, a modified tramway act, so that Skybus can operate like railway, duly certified under the rules made under the legal cover, exactly like railway does. Funds will not be a problem because private investors will come forward for the financially viable Skybus on BOOT basis, just as Malaysians are funding the Hyderabad project.


The problem?  


A few people who are determined, with vested personal & global interests, are trying to control the fate of common man, denying him the benefit of our country's path breaking improved Skybus metro railway technology, in preference to exorbitantly expensive and now relatively unsafe metro rail systems, virtually acting as foreign agents, abusing the trust placed by people in them.   It is time public protect their interest, by being properly informed, and I appeal to you to do the needful, as the inventor and a public servant, who has donated the patent rights of his life-time work to the people of the country.





B.Rajaram M.Tech, FIE., FNAE

Formerly Indian Railway Service of Engineers &

Managing Director, Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd., Navi Mumbai

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