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Rajaram Bojji <bojjiatri@yahoo.com> wrote:

Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 12:12:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rajaram Bojji <bojjiatri@yahoo.com>
Subject: Cognisable criminal act- creating over priced underperforming assets when alternatives are available
To: sp1acmu@cbi.nic.in

The Skybus Metro technology is different from known metro rail, monorail etc. Unlike monorail, the Skybus metro is twin rail based as the normal heavy rail system with high speeds of 100kmph and mass transit capacity of even 80,000 passengers trips per hour per day. So Skybus can operate at 8000 to 80,000 pphpd seamlessly, and can be used as both feeder as well as primary high capacity option for urban transport. But then difference between the conventional metro rail and Skybus system is that: normal metro railway cannot be guaranteed against derailments and capsizing , which in a city area is very disastous as compared to outside the city. But the Skybus metro technology is such that the train can never derail nor capsize- so the safest railway known in the world! Skybus Metro Technolgy- see video and more details at www.atrilab.com Carrying 400 persons within 20m length makes access stations elegant small structures almost like bus stops, with easy access from the existing foot paths.Hardly needing any urban land, will not displace any habitat- can be designed for 20m radius of turning, and even vertical lifts, gives total fexibility to the Urban Planners. Further the capital and running costs have been shown through actual test track construction, to be such that Financial Internal Rate of Return is of the order of 15%. That means Urban projects for transport can be executed through private funding adopting BOT option and without need for Government subsidy. Pray do not endanger the cities with elevated metro systems while impoverishing the community!
It is a fraud by those whom Government is trusting for technical advice to give technically wrong and dangerous advice to serve foreign interests and subvert Indian interests and in addition rob the country of wealth by creating financial white elephants. The metro projects being promoted by Delhi Metro qualifies for serious action of fraud on the nation- and desrves objective investigation.

-- Rajaram Bojji

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