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Improve quality of life at reducing costs, with aggressive application of science and technology!

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Coverage by National Geographic for Bojji's invention Anti Collision Device network (Raksha Kavach)

 Mr Bojji with ACD fitted locomotives

Dr Abdul Kalam Hon'ble President of India & Mr. Bojji 

Mr Bojji (extreme left) with Hon'ble PM Malaysia in New Delhi

Mr Bojj Rajaram receiving from Sri P.Chidambaram Hon'ble FM Govt.of India National Award FICCI 2004 for outstanding contribution to knowledge based industries

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With Dr Anil Kakodkar on right and Prof.Kaw on left of Mr. B Rajaram along with other members.


Every human born on the planet earth is entitled as birth right, practically free food, shelter, travel and communication; this is my belief and conviction.  

 To achieve this mission, we must aggressively apply science and technology to progressively  reduce the cost of infrastructure while improving continuously the quality of life. 

My life and activities have been guided by this mission.

My latest work:

"Gravity Powered Rail, Road and Runways Transportation Systems"  US Patent Appn. 12184151 Dt. 07/31/2008

Date of Receipt: 24 August 2008
Receiving Office: International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization

World's First Skybus created by Mr Bojji

 Working for  Infrastructure Development modelto make travel, food and shelter practically  free to all! 

              Indian Engg.Congress 2004 Dr AN Khosla Mem.Lecture

Er. B. RajaramB.E., M.Tech., F.I.E IRSE(retd.,)

                        Life Member Computer Society of India

Fellow of National Academy of Engineering

Inventor &Mentor Anti-collision / Skybus Technologies

Mr. B. Rajaram (born 1945) is a First Class First with Distinction Engineering graduate and an M.Tech from IIT/Kharagpur. Having served a decade in railway open line in various capacities, another decade in Railway research at RDSO & IIT, worked abroad as consultant till 1990.

He was involved with the Konkan railway project from the beginning of construction (1990) as a Chief Engineer, Director (Projects) and finally as the Managing Director(1998 to Jan, 2005)- instrumental in delivering more than 100 tunnels(including Mumbai-Pune Expressway tunnels), close to 2000 bridges and 750 km of live running tracks through treacherous terrain. He took the First train across to commission Konkan Railway on 26th Jan 1998.

Between 1993 to 1998 he designed and implemented the unique wide-area networked Railway Management system, wherein networked computers took over three-levels of decision making including real time train operation planning and control, which led to a paradigm shift in railway management needing lean staff strengths.

The World Bank praised his management practices.

He has original contributions of new theories in rail-wheel and track-vehicleinteractions in railway technologies recognized and published in the world forums.

He holds several patents abroad and in India for his inventions. His inventions cover railway technologies, world’s first Intelligent Anti-collision Devices Network,"RAKSHA KAVACH" (already under implementation over 2500km of route on Indian Railways), Sky Bus Metro (concept first presented in Bologna University Italy, by him in 1989)- in all 17 patents are assigned by him to the Government, through Konkan Railway Corporation, the royalty streams valued ( by Pricewaterhouse Coopers) at Rs 20,000 to 30,000 cr over 10 years with NPV of over Rs 8000 cr, if nurtured over next three years.

 Research & technology innovation has been his passion. He is the recipient of FICCI national level award for Outstanding contribution to knowledge based industries in our country, as adjudged by Justice Bhagawathi committee, in 2004.

 He believes it is in the realm of reality to make food, travel, communication and dwelling practically free to all humans on the planet through bold application of science and technology to infrastructure development.

He wants humanity to find their true potential and discharge their responsibility to protect and sustain the world using clean energy particularly  in transportation, with Gravity powered Sky-wheels technology, which makes metro-rail safer, run 360 kmph inter-city rail transport handle cargo with gravity power replacing 70% of energy currently used and leverages green energy options like solar and wind power financially affordable. The technology though simple has wide applications in re-defining the air-ports and sea-port operations and designs for improved productivity and lowering of costs.

On 26th Jan. 2007 he was conferred the Distinguished Alumnus Award of Railway Staff College, Vadodra by the Ministry of Railways recognising his services.

In November 2007, he was given the responsibility as Member of the Empowered Board, ITER/India, Dept of Atomic Energy, Government of India, to deliver world's first fusion reactor in France as part of International effort involving USA, Russia,EU, Japan, S. Korea and India.

He has started his own research laboratory and is using the company as the vehicle. His website is