miracle robot

Suram Robotic need investors to create a miracle robot that can be controlled by internet, that can do every job on earth.


---Helps in your buisness

---Help in your Household work

---Help as your personal security guard


 A Robotics organization in India , Suram Robotics is looking for investors to create  world's  first  Miracle robot  that can be controlled by  person sitting on  internet.


  Main Features:

--Can be moved in USA by a person sitting in India

--Can create other robots like himself, free of charge.

--Can do all type of household works.

--Can do all type of  office works.

-- Can talk to anyperson on earth and answer him instantly

--Can look after your kids when you are away from home.


These robots will not charge anything for the work you require then to do,

so you save a lot of money.


                                                  And the list is endless............

(It can be customized according to your needs)


                                          ABOUT INVESTORS

 -- There can be mutilple investors or a single investor for our project.

--We will work with Govt. of India  Robotics Institute  to accompolish the project.

-- The project will be completed in 3 months and first robot will be ready then.

--We will post the project  progress details daily on our official site.


                                              MINIMUM INVESTMENT

 -- You can make a minimum investment of 100 USD into this project.

-- By this way, you will be the shareholder of the company, and you will recieve

    the propotionate profits, when these robots go into sale in world markets.

-- You will recieve a physical shareholding certificate at your Address.

-- However, if you want to put direct or complete money into this project, please

   contact us directly at the address below.



                                        OUR CONTACT DETAILS

 --  This project is started by Ashish Sood, India

--My personal mobile number is 91-9250606040

-- Investors can directly contact me at this number or my E mail

--The agreement with Goverment of India will be posted on website to make

   you confirm that we have put your money into the project.




                                                                         208, Gangotri block

                                                                         Anand Ashray, Sector P-3

                                                                           Greater Noida


                                                                             (Asia Continent)