These Robots will be remote controlled by Humans sitting in far countries in 

there Call Centres . 



It is  now widely accepted  that Honda,s Asimo Robots would be making way to your house doors.A morning you would wake up and find an Asimo ringing your Door Bell to deliver a newspaper to you.



Q: Who will control the movements of Robots ?

 That is a biggest thing. The solution to this problem has been Provided  by a well known Indian Robotic Engineer, Ashish Sood.

                                                        According to him, these robots will be controlled by Persons sitting in Far countries Like India,China,USA. These persons would besitting in the call centres of there respective countries, from where they will control each and every movement of Asimo Robot.


                                                          According to Robotic Engineer, Ashish Sood each of the Asimo will be fitted with wireless internet data Card, so that they can be accesed via internet and person sitting in far country will control the movement of each robot via There Personal Computer or Laptop.



Q: How will these Asimo Robots  move ?


 According to  Ashish Sood, Each Asimo is fitted with camera eyes. The asimo will capture the image , and transmit it Live via Internet to its controller. Human controller will see the Live view from his own country and give command of movement from his Personal Computer.


                                                         As  soon as the Asimo recieves the command wirelessly via internet, It will move forward the number of steps as instructed by its human controller.



Q: Can these Asimo Robots talk to the human beings ?


According to Ashish sood, if you want to ask the question to Asimo: " What is the weather forecast for next 2 hours "?


                                                 Asimo Robot would reply " No rainfall expected"! Lets see how Asimo has answered this question:


                                                               When you ask the question to Asimo,The Voice sensors will capture and record the voice.Then it will transmit the voice over Internet to its human controller. The contrller will recieve the clear voice, it  will quick search the internet form his Personal Computer and will reply back on his own voice. When the Asimo recieves back the voice sent by its controllrer, it will play the message and the Person will get the answer.  In this way, you can ask anything from Asimo



Q: What type of work can Asimo do in your house ?


   Asimo is just like a humanoid robot, so it can do all the functions what a human being can do. Asimo wil do the cleaning of house, wash utensils, teach your KidHowever, all these functions will be controlled by the human operator controlling it.


                                                      If you ask Asimo, " Make a cup of Coffee for me". The controller operating it will recieve the Voice Message, then it will perform live commands to Asimo , instructing him for coffee 



Q: When do we expect such robots coming ?


  According to Ashish Sood, it may take 1 more year to build such type of robots.





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