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Renowned papers(500+ cites):              1

 Famous papers (250-499) :                   0

Very well-known papers (100-249) :    1

Well-known papers (50-99) :               1

Known papers (10-49) :                         15

Less known papers (1-9) :                   31

Unknown papers (0) :                             9


Total eligible papers analyzed:            58

Total number of citations:               1239

Average citations per paper:               21

  My H-factor (prop. by Hirsch)   15

My O-factor (O=SQRT(m*H))   88

my m-quotient: h/y=13/25    0.52

my g-factor (prop. by Egghe)       30

my h(2) index (prop. by Kosmulski)  5

my a-index    63.(46)

my m-index       20    

my r-index      23.87

my ar-index  72.255


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