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The Mighty Patriots

The Mighty Patriots
By Kevin Engstrom
    Many of you know about the famous Park Patriots of Park Jr. High, but have you heard of the Mighty Patriots? The Mighty Patriots are the Special Olympics basketball team of Park Jr. High, coached by Mrs. Pasieka and Mrs. Sandrik, with me as a member. We are a 7th and 8th grade co-ed team, and the members are already decided. This team has recently had their first couple practices. We will be playing against other Special Olympics teams, though the times and dates are currently unknown. Since there are not many 7th and 8th grade Special Olympics teams, we will be playing some high school Special Olympics teams as well. Our coach, Mrs. Pasieka, explains our team as follows in a note given to me: Mrs. Sandrik and I have been thinking about starting an alternative basketball team for a year or so, a team for kids who wouldn’t normally be on the red or blue team. We decided to make a Special Ed team that would incorporate all levels of Special Ed in it (higher and lower). We wanted a team with a lot of heart and spirit, and we knew the skills would come later. Our team this year “The Mighty Patriots” has just that, a lot of support for each other and school spirit. I hope everyone comes out to the game and shows their support, because we are the Mighty Patriots!!
And here is a recent interview with Mrs. Pasieka:
Kevin: Do you think our team can win?
Mrs. Pasieka: Yes, I do think our team will win, but the most important thing is that we know we’re winners and we’re doing our best.
Kevin: What are your goals for our team?
Mrs. Pasieka: 1. We come together as a team
2. We learn basketball skills
3. We’re not afraid to try or take risks
4. Have fun
    This is Kevin Engstrom, signing out. Go, Mighty Patriots!!
RAiSE 102,
Feb 28, 2011, 9:37 AM