RAiSE has been formed to provide the district with resources for both networking and education.  In addition, we intend to promote an ongoing dialog with the District 102 administration regarding special education.

On the networking side, RAiSE will provide support for parents and caregivers of special education students by acting as a forum for:

  • District 102 stakeholders to discuss/exchange ideas about district programming.
  • Parent to parent networking to talk about what’s working or not on a personal level and to brainstorm with others about possible solutions to issues.
  • Enabling parents to compare experiences and share resources.
  • Providing mentoring opportunities for students, parents and caregivers.

On the education side, RAiSE will provide:

  • Educational programming at our meetings by bringing in “expert” guest speakers to address various special education related topics determined to be of interest to our members.
  • An online database of resources related to specific learning disabilities and other special needs as well as to research, lectures and presentations concerning special education related issues.

In order to maintain an ongoing dialog with the District 102 administration, RAiSE will work cooperatively with the administration to build and maintain an effective special education program.  As an organization we will endeavor to:

  • Provide feedback to the district including ideas about how the current programming is working.
  • Share ideas for goals and the direction of special education programming.
  • Listen to the administration’s ideas about programming including goals and directions.