Wendy is a bit of an enigma. Born Brandologist, Marketing Maven, Graphically Gifted, and a Wonder with Words; She is The Blonde Behind the Brass. ™  Wendy is the sole owner and graphic designer of Raining Brass, a division of When-Design. She also spends quite a bit of her time writing for the industry but it hasn’t always been that way…

     Formally trained in the History of Art with a strong background in math and science, Wendy graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire and landed a job in the National Gallery of Art’s Print and Drawings Division.  She has lived in Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, and Germany, among others, and most recently moved from Northern Virginia where she spent two exciting years at the National Rifle Association’s Headquarters, working specifically for the Director of the National Firearms Museum. It was there at the NRA the line between her love of art and her love of all things firearms started to blur, as she was responsible for the creation, production, and promotion of the NFM’s graphics and advertising. And if that wasn’t enough, her name often was found on the bylines of several NRA blogs and NFM write-ups, and currently Recoil Magazine, Western Shooting Journal, and GunUp Magazine.

     Wendy now calls Oregon home and when she isn’t honing her marketing skills or plunking away at the keyboard, you can find her in the woods, on the range, at the ballpark, or at her favorite brewery.