Some comments about Demetri's work:


" ... This photographic technique is simple yet capable to open... new trails in psychology and generate a special impact in the field of the arts... Demetri's photographs lead us to a... search for a more truthful element which may exist in our hearts, sentiments and essences."

Carlos Alberto Tinoco, Mathematics Professor, Universidade do Amazonas, Parapsychology Writer, Manaus

"... thank you for your stunning lecture and slide show... The students were inspired by your work and philosophy. One senses that there has been a significant shift in their attitude to the planet and the way in which we, as a species, abuse that planet .... They have taken their realisations immediately into their creative work."

Maggie Kinloch Course Tutor, M.A./ Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Theatre Practice,
Central School of Speech and Drama, London


" ... the slides which show your innovation... are truly magical. The idea that we look at the world in a mainly linear way, and the demonstration of what can happen when we alter that viewpoint came as a breathtaking surprise..."

Marsha Spyros, Librarian, The New York Public Library

"... Perhaps just in time someone has began to show us that there are other levels, other worlds that we are destroying along with the wildlife and habitats..."

John Glover, Thurroc Technical College, Surrey, UK

(S)...It is very curious that they discovered America  along its borders shall we say. They never came to the gist of things....Therefore the opening we are giving to these photographs, which poses genuine imagination is justified by certain historic antecedents...It appeared to me as organizer of the conferences on (the 5th Centenary of The Discovery of America,) that it would be wrong if I were not to extend a hand to magic to come in and share with us the new discovery of America... and it is magnificent that it had to be a Greek who came here to decipher the mysteries of the jungle..."

Dr. German Arsiniegas, President, Catedra de America,
introducing Demetri's exhibition at National Library of Colombia


" ... Demetri's point of view is of great value not only as an innovation in photography, but also as a psycho-social approach to our cultural reality ..."

Garciela Aldana de Conde, Academic Dean, Faculty of Psychology, Pontifica Universidad Javeriana, Bogota

"... I hope that Demetri continues to touch peoples' lives the way he has touched mine... His work is artistically beautiful, moving and of great importance."

Frances Tolley, Arts Administrator, London

" ... his divine gift to see what is there before each and every one of us in a new and deeply spiritual perspective is truly quite extraordinary ... The faculty and students alike were transported and illuminated by the great gift so graciously given to us by Demetri... He will not be forgotten, nor will his message of spiritual outcry from the sacred jungle."

Andonia Cakouros, Professor Theatre Arts,
California State University
, Sacramento


"We are witnessing the emergence of something new and transcendental. Demetri's work is part of this effervescence. It is as if nature, tired of being maltreated and destroyed, will use privileged minds and diverse vehicles in order to express itself and sound the alarm. This is the voice of the eternal Plant-Masters with whom our ancestors were in contact."

Luis Eduardo Luna, University Professor, Anthropologist.,
 Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki

See also Luis Eduardo Luna's
Introduction to Demetri's book


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