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This repository and directory is for use by the Rainey Neighbors' Association.

Mission Statement

"The Rainey Neighbors Association (RNA) has as its mission to improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and play in the Rainey Street Neighborhood.  The RNA listens to residents and neighborhood stakeholders, and encourages better decision-making through education about issues affecting the neighborhood."

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Please direct important neighborhood issues to board members.

Current Board of Directors (combined residency of 100+ years):
1.   Sandra De Leon // Towers of Town Lake Condominiums President - sandra_deleon@yahoo.com    
2.   Jeff Gall // The Shore Condominiums - Vice President - JeffGallRNA@gmail.com
3.   Jeff Robinson//  The Shore Condominiums - Secretary - Robinson1127@yahoo.com
3.   Lora Herring // Towers of Town Lake Condominiums Treasurer lora@loraherring.com
4.   Cindy Chambless // Milago Condominiums - Communications Officer - chamblesscindy@yahoo.com
5.   Judy Cobb // Milago Condominiums - cobb103@gmail.com
6.   Jon Directo // Millennium Rainey -  
7.   Robert Rey // Skyhouse Apartments - Robert.Rey@Simpsonhousing.com 
8.    Brooke Schumacher// Windsor on the Lake - Bschumacher@windsorcommunities.com