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Empower Design


Empower Design is revolutionizing the way renewable energy is taught both in Africa and in the US. We work with locals in Africa to design, build, and source materials for their own electricity producing devices which in turn enables them to design for their peers, making a business out of providing electricity to their community. We also are piloting programs in the US that teach students and teachers about renewable energy using innovative curriculum and projects to get the students proficient in energy systems, which can then enable them to get jobs in this growing field. 

Current Programs:
Jersey City Empower Design Energy Innovation Program 

In partnership with Jersey City Public Schools and Empower Design, Rainey is working on a pilot program in Ferris High School which introduces applied science courses in energy. During a ten day period, Rainey and her colleagues introduced energy basics to teachers and students. At the end of the ten days, the team along with the teachers had developed a new curriculum and lesson plan for the year to teach students proficiency in energy systems as well as making applications to physics, environmental science, and society. 

Jersey City Empower Design Presentation

Empower Design Energy Training Programs in Uganda

Our Wind Turbine

Empower design employs a pioneering approach to lack of access to electricity in Uganda. Our innovative curriculum and hands on training teaches technicians, engineers, and entrepreneurs about renewable energy systems and their connection with society. Our goal is to co-design with them to make renewable energy devices that they in turn can sell to their communities. We are empowering a generation of engineers and technicians to increase the number of people with electricity as well as create jobs for their local economy. We have been partnering with Makerere University, St. Joseph's Technical School, and Uganda Small Scale Industries since 2008 to achieve our goals in number of skilled technicians taught, number of devices prototyped, and number of people impacted.

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