Raine Dozier, Ph.D.
 Sociology, University of Washington

Department of Health & 
Community Studies
Western Washington University


Greetings! I am a sociologist who studies gender theory and social and economic inequality in the United States. My work in gender theory began with a project that examined a popular sociolgoical theory of gender (i.e., "Doing Gender") through a transgender lens. An article out of this work, "Beards, Breasts, and Bodies: Doing Sex in a Gendered World," won the Distinguished Article in Sex and Gender award from the American Sociological Association. I have continued thinking about the meaning(s) and social construction of gender, more recently about the influence of our social positions. If you would like to learn more, take a look at the two mothering articles on the left. 

Currently, I am engaged in a project interviewing masculine females (e.g., butch, stud, trans, tomboi, genderqueer) about their experiences at work. I hope to have some articles published regarding this study relatively soon. 

I also do research examining racial and ethnic wage inequality among women. The U.S. has experienced significant growth in wage inequality in the past forty years, both within and between educational groups, for example, between high school and college graduates. It has truly been the case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in America. I am particularly interested in the marked growth in racial wage inequality among women. To read more about the declining relative wages of African American women, click on the links to my papers on the left. Currently, I am investigating the effect of the most recent recession on African American, Latina, and white women's wages and employment. 

Thanks for your interest in my work. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

                                                  Raine Dozier