Visions Transformed into Film

Vision's Transformed into Film

Transforming Dreams into Reality...Our Memories of the Future

Blessings to our Mother/Spirit
Blessings to our Sacred Directions
Blessings to the Hoops!
Blessings to the World!
United as One!

A Message A Vision from Jaime Gianopoulos on Vimeo.


One evening I had a vision where mother earth was communicating to me trying to pass a message. I walked side by side with my friend Kelly through a beautiful forest at the cusp of the sunset. We walked together but when we heard the voices we were drawn in different directions.

Freely we walked to where we were drawn, flowing and respecting the sacred directions 
that called our names. We looked into the tree's , and blank pieces of paper blew in the wind, messages from mother. The messages from mother were alive, but they did not tell us what to do or where to go, for it was up to use to feel and remember, and believe we know the way of love. As we continued to explore and discover the messages we were drawn to the centre of the forest. To a message that we both could unravel. We read the message and decided to dream and inspire as many as we can to use their imaginations to dream the most beautiful story for our future. 

We spent the day in January at a near by forest in Aurora, Ontario, Canada filming these images that were floating in my mind. I would like to share this video with everyone. I bless you all and send love and light to our world. Blessings to our dreams. Blessings to all may we come together and join hands as one. 

I send love and blessings to all!

Jaime Leigh (JL), videographer and hoop traveler
Rainbow Warrior or Prophecy

WakeUp2Life- "Giving Thanks" The Venice Water Man from WakeUp2Life on Vimeo.

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 3:33 AM, Jaime Leigh wrote:
Dear Relatives,

Hello to all of you. I greet you with blessings and love to all. I send blessings to our beautiful mother, father spirit, our ancestors, our elders, our children, The sacred directions, the fire, water, earth, and wind. I bless the heart and each of your hearts. I bless each person, animal, plant, and our incredible planet. I bless the clouds that float above, and the rain that cleanse and wash away the pain. May our tears of love water the seeds. May each of us grow each and everyday. I have had a day of many lessons and I bless them and bless the lessons that come your way. I hope we each feel the courage and strength to connect with our hearts and feel the beauty of each coming day. I bless the moments and the time, i bless your visions and dreams. I bless our visions and dreams of unity. I smile and bless the rising sun and thank you for your love and beauty within.

I wanted to share a video of a man I met in Venice Beach California, a street poet who's words really inspired me :). 

Love and Blessings

Hoop 3: Blessed Song I give to you, to know the Sacred Blue. The home that we long to know true, the loving Blue (heart knowing relatives). Where distance is just a call, when you need all that's water fall (tears) and spring will light up inside your heart to find the blue, red illumination's call (finding your spirit)...aho, may your spirit fly!
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