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Welcome into our Hearts !

We bless the sacred nine directions in You!
Welcome home to the Dawning, the age of Heaven and Earth! Relatives, we missed you, now it's time to be true!

Come gather, come together, come share a heart with you. Come join in celebration as we are devoted to prayer and true. We love you, we choose yee, we come to greet your soul. And now it's upon us, how the wheel is going to roll. We share this, our humble hearts, our sacred knowing part we play. We only hope you learn the way, to loving actions in your display. Be a rainbow, be a sky blue, be a heart that longs to view. It's heaven in our heartbeat and it's paradise in you.  Come join us, come join us, come be One with a heavenly view. Know greatness lives inside of you. Know it's time for us to bloom!

Join us on the hoops, where we dance and sing with all the world that songs. We are the willing sun dance, that brings our house of winds no harm.

Brought to us by The Seigfrieds and Roar of the Buffalo Horn!
Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, the golden person and call of brotherhood

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Born to set you free, to bring the law of harmony,

when unification is the path that bee. Dream and know

we care, because we shall fight for you. Until the end of times,

we walk on home with you! Talk my brothers and sisters.

Tell me your heart so pure. I will bend like the rainbow,

to bless all of yours.

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Hoop 4 Offer your Prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy to Enter.  Bow with us! 

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