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Rainbow The Tortoise.   

Knit a tortoise

Take your time.

Knit a tortoise

Help friends of mine.

Every step may be slow

But, like the tortoise that we know 

On and on and on we go.

Knit a tortoise it is fun

Knit a tortoise until we’ve won. 

Ideal project for everyone,

beginners, or keen knitters.

Why not set up a knit and chatter group?

Schools, Families, Brownies & Guides,

Women’s Institute.    

Everyone can learn to knit.

The pattern can be adapted to make different size tortoises. 

How about a key ring or footstool?

Use up all those odd balls of wool.


Visit our products page to order a tortoise or a pattern


 Materials required.

1 pair of 4mm knitting needles.


Small amounts of double knit wool.

For a true rainbow use the 7 colours.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.


You will also need extra wool for the back, head and legs, this can be any colour, whatever is your favourite.


A bag of stuffing - which could come from

an old pillow or cushion.


To sew up the tortoise you will need a wool needle.


 The pattern can be made with stripes of each colour or by using different shades of each colour.

Let your imagination guide you with variations on a theme.


Why not sell your tortoises and help raise funds for disabled children and disadvantaged people.


You can also

Enjoy a coffee morning.

Have a “Tortoise Day”


Write a story about your tortoise.


Send us your photographs to add to our

Travels of Rainbow photo gallery.


Every child is unique.

Every child matters.



Help us bring a smile into the lives of

children where every small step is a

giant milestone.






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