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We know that kids just want to be kids...that's why we have so many sports events.

Many of our events are the only way our children can participate in sports.

This year we had Rainbows for Kids Night at the Ballpark complete with a pre-game buffet (shown left.) We appreciate the Cardinals involvement.

Kids Like to Play
The sports events started with the baseball team. Every child gets a uniform and hat and at the end they get trophies. These are kids who might not otherwise be able to play on a baseball (or softball team). We welcome boys or girls, good players or physically disabled. If you know of a child being treated for cancer or a serious disease at one of the St. Louis medical facilities who might like to play on a "baseball" team (it's actually Whiffle ball for safety) feel free to contact us.

We also have football, hockey, basketball, bowling and more.

Here is a party with Paralympic Gold Medal Winner Steve Cash-- the Goalie on the 2014 wining team, taking shots from the kids:

Kids taking hockey shots at a Olympic Gold Medalist

Hockey Party with Lindenwood Hockey and Softball Team

Free Bike Give-Away with Bike Works

Our Kids Are Super Heroes!

The Baseball Team Is A Big Hit!
We play our game in the air-conditioned Gym 3 at Lindbergh High School

The practices are outside, the game is inside for comfort of the fans and young players. For more pictures and videos click here: 

            Former Cardinal Glenn Brummer visited 
to share stories from winning the 
1982 World Series.  
            He even passed around 
his World Series ring for everyone to hold! Brummer is a volunteer and has pitched in several times.

One of our first All-Star Games -- 2010

The whole team and RFK coaches with special guests Brendan Ryan, 
Colby Rasmus, 
Skip Schumaker, & Cardinal mascot Fredbird!

Cardinals mascot Fredbird meets the 
Rainbows for Kids mascot Oreo
Tea Party at Sappington House Barn Restaurant

Our volunteers Kathy Bosch (shown in the photo at left in the center) and Joanie Protzel (right) created the concept for our Tea Party. The first year we had an American Girl theme and the kids brought their dolls. The second day we did not have the dolls, we made jewelry instead. 
Karen Mott, the owner of the Barn Restaurant (orange shirt) provided tea sandwiches, desserts and drinks.

Past Baseball Team        Hospital Parties


                                                                Bowling Parties

             Moms' Parties- These moms need a break!

Click to see the Moms getting pampered

 Salon Dacota provides hair stylists, A Gathering Place provides massage therapists.

        First Gala in 2000                                
Our 10th Anniversary Gala