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What Do We Do?

Rainbows For Kids is a 501 (c)(3) charity dedicated to helping families of children with cancer and other serious situations. Our main focus and goal is helping those with cancer, but as we find other families who are struggling through life every day with a child who has a serious disease, we are open to helping them also.

The three areas of focus for Rainbows for Kids: entertaining the kids and families so they have something to look forward to, supporting cancer related charities and research projects in hopes for a cure, and praying for and supporting the families.

Our main source of revenue is an annual Fundraiser: either a Trivia Night or 
the Rainbows for Kids Gala. The more money we raise, the more activities 
and services for the families can be planned. Sometimes a group will raise money and donate to us.

Some activities recently put on 
for the families are: a hockey event, a basketball event, a baseball team for the kids, bowling parties, Mom's Spa Day. 

Cancer can cause people to lose their jobs because they have to take their children to treatment, so Rainbows for Kids has also been able to help some of the families on an "emergency" basis with things like paying their electric bill or buying some groceries or a tank of gas. This is not our focus, but we try to help these families with every request they give us.  Rainbows For Kids is there to help any family of a child with cancer or another serious illness in the St. Louis area in any way possible.  

Our volunteers love working with Rainbows for Kids because they genuinely care about the families. We hand pick our volunteers and let then know we want to be known as the "friendliest charity" so that is their goal.

Aside from the many parties and events we sponsor for the children and their families, Rainbows For Kids supports Camp Rainbow. Annie was invited to attend Camp Rainbow, a free camp for kids with cancer, and because she loved it so much, Rainbows For Kids began supporting it.

Do You Know Family Who Needs Our Help?

Please email us: RSVPRainbowsForKids@gmail.com