Support Materials

Rainbows For Kids tries to help in any way we can. We offer fun activities, but we know these families are going through a tough time. These materials are available for free if we know of a family who could use them.


Finding Peace In the Rain---This book offers moti
and inspiration for a person going through a tough time.
The book was written by Sally Tippett Rains, Volunteer
executive director for Rainbows For Kids. It has been 
given to newly diagnosed families. In the event that a 
child relapses or passes away, the book offers comfort to
the family.

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Thanks to a grant from N.A.I.L.B.A.

    This book was published by Rainbows For Kids 
    and offers hop
e and practical advice to newly 
    diagnosed patients and their families. It is 
    available at no charge to the families.

    The book features a section in the back to save 
    the many business cards the families will recieve 
    from doctors, nurses, and others they will need to 
    be in contact with. There is also a folder in which 
    to save important materials.

    "Paint A Rainbow" - Cover art by Dan Martin 
    Written by Sally Tippett Rains

        "Get Going Girl!" Is a fun book offering 
        inspiration and great ideas on how to add more 
        fun to your life every day. It was inspired by 
        Annie and her sisters. When Annie had cancer
        she and her family had fun all the time. They 
        lived their lives to the fullest each and every 

        "Get Going Girl" written by Sally Tippett Rains

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Thanks to a grant from Dana Brown Foundation

"Hope For The 'C' Word" is a video which explains radiation, chemotherapy, and other things that a person who just finds out they have cancer will have to deal with. It all sounds so scary, but this video tries to help calm those fears. Parents of children who have had cancer appear on the video to give advice and encouragement.

"Hope For The 'C'Word"-
Produced and Directed by B.J. Rains. Featuring Joe Buck, Steve Savard, and NCAA Basketball Coach Bill Self.

Barb Tippett, Annie's mother, as well as Joan Turner and Ruth Loeffler, her sisters combined on a beautiful song called "On The Wings Of Hope They Fly." Just the fact that they keep singing provides hope to those going through a tough time. This song was first used as a fundraiser, and then given out to families of children with cancer.

"On The Wings Of Hope They Fly"- Music by Steve Haupt, Lyrics by Sally Rains.  Performed by Barbara Tippett, Ruth Loeffler, Joan Turner.