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Thanks for checking out Rainbows for Kids. We are a grass-roots, all-volunteer group that has been in business for 19 years helping families of children with cancer for 19 years.

A few pictures from recent events:
The Rainbows for Kids All-Star Game was held at All-Star Performance.
Brad Thompson and Kyle McClellan came out to play with the kids.
Here is Brad's selfie with the kids:
Brad Thompson takes a selfie with our kids, 2018

RFK All-Star Baseball Team 

Each year Rainbows for Kids has a "Baseball Team" complete with uniforms, three practices, an "All-Star Game," trophy presentation, and team party. One year, Cardinals short stop Aledmys Diaz surprised the kids and showed up for their All-Star Game. Diaz had just played in the MLB All-Star Game earlier in the week so it was very special for the kids. He was so happy to be there he took a selfie!

The Selfie Tradition: Our special guests take selfies at the All-Star Game: First is Aledmys Diaz, Bottom pic is Jason Motte with Trevor Rosenthal to the right and Matt Carpenter way back in the back, left of Fredbird.


Rainbows For Kids is a 501 (c) (3) Charity in St. Louis, Mo. dedicated to helping children with cancer and other serious illnesses and supporting their families. 

How Long In Business-- 19 Years!
The organization was started in 2000 after the family of a child with cancer in St. Louis saw first-hand how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be. We put on fun events for the families of children with cancer at Cardinal Glennon  Hospital, Children's Hospital, and Mercy Pediatrics.

We Do Lots of Fun Things With the Families.

Some things we have done this year: Hosted the families at a Cardinals game and several Muny productions; we had a fishing trip, a Mom's Spa Day and Kids Party, bowling party, , plus other events-- some shown below.

We put together fun "Eclipse Boxes" for those who were in the hospital or at the Ronald McDonald House during the eclipse last August and have continued our "Goodie Bags" for Ronald McDonald House.

We are always having fun doing things to keep their minds off of cancer. This pic was taken at Monkey Joes where we had our "Team Party."

Lunch With Santa- The kids got to eat lunch with their parents and get their pictures with Santa-- then the parents left for some holiday shopping and the kids were entertained by our volunteers.

Our kids just want to have fun like other kids. 

Great Video about Rainbows for Kids from HEC (Higher Education Channel: 

Other things we do
  *  We will be supplying craft boxes and personal care bags to the Ronald McDonald House.
  *  Partnering with Knowing You Ministries to bring baked goods to our "Families of Angels" for the holidays.

 Lunch with Santa and Drop off the Kids so the Parents can go Holiday Shopping- Dec. 2.

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Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods        All-Star Performance

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About Our Events 

These events are for families of children with cancer in the St. Louis area. If you know of a family who could benefit by our services and events, please contact us to get on our list to find out more about our events.

You must RSVP to attend events-- For planning purposes, no walk-ins.  RSVP by email.

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We Are All Volunteers: No one gets paid, no building to pay rent on. All donations go to programs for the kids.

Rainbows for Kids Donations are Tax Deductible 

Please make checks payable to : Rainbows for Kids
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This is Mikey-- He is healthy, and happy-- and judging by this picture, he's smart too. He is in college and his mom sends word that he's doing well. He is a success story. During the time he had cancer, Mikey and his mom attended our activities and he always kept a positive attitude.

We want you to know that while some of our children have gained their angel wings, there are a good number who are growing up and living normal lives. It is due in part to the many who didn't make it but tried experimental treatment-- that ended up helping future patients. 

Thank you to all who donate to or volunteer with Rainbows for Kids. You help children like Mikey  have fun activities and meet friends when going through a tough time having cancer. You also help people like his mom have something to do to help her along the way during the long and terrible time that is cancer. And now we can all be proud of Mikey-- he's going for his masters degree. 
From Mikey:
"I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me in the past. You and Rainbows for Kids are one of the reasons I am here today and one of the reasons I feel I made it through cancer.  (During that time) I lost a few friends (to cancer) and it was hard for me to open up. I think about my friends everyday and it help fuels my work in the lab at Southeast Missouri State University, where I just graduated with my bachelor in chemistry. I am now pursuing my master in engineering physics there and hope I can make a difference in the cancer research i am currently working on."