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Former Google Answers Researcher

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I was a Researcher with Google Answers from its inception in May 2002 until the service was discontinued by Google in December 2006. My researcher name is rainbow-ga, I've answered approximately 1300 questions. My ratings, customer comments and samples of my work are available for viewing here.

I have worked on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from
find that movie/book/song to compiling lists of companies operating in Poland that are at least 51% owned by foreign investors.

An American based in the Middle East, I have a full command of both English and Arabic, and modest knowledge of French.





(based on feedback received as a researcher at Google Answers) 

Rainbow has produced a pot of gold! Thanks a million for this exceptional work!

You are a gem! I have an answer at last -- and you were quick, too. Thanks a million, Rainbow.

Great Answer!
Superb Communication Skills I may add, this researcher is concerned with making sure that the information provided is of top-quality. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Rainbow gave me a first-rate answer. I had searched diligently through at least a dozen books and at least a dozen Web sites for the answers (s)he found comparatively right away. I'm very pleased.

Thank you! Extremely quick response!  It's nice to know that there is
a service out there that can answer those little trivialities in life
that can drive us crazy! :)

Rainbow did an awesome job here. The research was extremely difficult and rainbow came through with flying colours. 3 Thumbs up!